Original version CS 1.6

Completely rewritten by the best developers of the game code!
Bots, protection, working search for servers have been added to the client.

Original Steam version

Steam compatibility mode

Max Speed

Client auto-update

Bugs fixed

Vulnerabilities fixed

Sight adjustment

Bonuses on servers

Concerning our assembly

Based on the Steam latest build

In this assembly version of cs 1.6, the best practices for assembling the game are applied. Available for using multilanguage. We tried and transferred all the best from Steam. The assembly implements the best system for protecting from hacking and damage.

Assembly features:

We did not use a protector, but completely rewrote the entire game. Can say that this is a completely new version of the old one. This freed their hands and added many improvements and innovations, and did not forget about fixing bugs and vulnerabilities. Game is compatible on any version of Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10 and Windows 11.

Fastest resources download

Do you like to surf game servers? We are offering a first among other clients not only in the speed of retrieving servers from the Internet, but also the leader in download speed by implementing multithreaded downloading. Also increased the maximum number of streams via FastDL.

We didn't stop there and moved on. We have protected you from damage or hacking, added a color chat in the console, including nicknames.

Optimized our client, increased the possible rate to 100000, by the way, in the old version of the game this figure was no higher than 25000.

Extended interface

Redesigned main menu interface, which added new settings, elements, detailed indicators, as well as displaying avatars of Steam users.

Are you constantly banned in servers?

Often a situation arises on servers when you smash everyone to smithereens, they call you a cheater, and the administrator issues a ban? It's a shame ... , In this case you are getting protection from such unreasonable bans, because when playing from our assembly, server administrators will be confident in the honesty of your game. Inside is implemented the latest and reliable anti-cheat.

Compatible with Steam Counter Strike

Added experimental steam mode support. If you have a licensed version of the game. The steam game overlay will work, the game servers will recognize you as a steam player, your friends will see what game server you are on. To activate the mode, start Steam and in the file user_game_config.ini, located in the root installation folder, add a new line: steam_mode 1, without quotes.